Softlay 21 acoustic underlay has the following primary technical specifications

  • Area weight – 2kg per m2
  • Softlay 21 comes in standard rolls of 7m x 1m and has a thickness of 2.10mm
  • Reflected walking sound up to 21% (EPLF norm WD 021029-5)
  • Impact sound up to 19dB (DIN 10140)
  • Thermal resistance 0.01 m2 K/W (EN 12664)
  • Residual indentation less than 0.5mm (DIN EN 3385)
  • Flammability classification Efl as standard, B1fl available on request (DIN EN 13501-1)

Please take a look at our technical data sheet below to get more detailed information on Softlay 21.

Download the Softlay Technical Specifications