Softlay 21

Self-adhesive resilient underlay for use in sound reduction, as a plasticiser barrier and as a demountable layer over raised access flooring

For new build and renovation of old buildings where sound reduction is required

Fit a new vinyl floor covering over an existing vinyl finish using Softlay 21 as a plasticiser barrier without the fear of plasticiser migration*

For a new floor covering to be fitted over an existing ceramic tiled, painted concrete or laminate floor*

For raised access flooring where the panels beneath must not be damaged*


  • For use in project work, hotels, schools, hospitals etc.
  • Under textile, PVC and vinyl floor coverings
  • Under solid wood, laminate and engineered boards
  • On level surfaces, stairs and existing finishes*
  • In domestic and commercial locations
  • In offices with raised access floors*


  • Suitable for heavy rolling and static loads
  • Self-adhesive coating on one side
  • Demountable, will not damage the surface it is stuck to upon removal
  • 2.1mm thickness
  • Will reduce sound from above and within a room by a minimum 17dB and 21% respectively
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Will sound and feel like a solid floor once installed

*Please call the Softlay technical team on 01245 929122