Softlay 21 Plus

Specially designed self-adhesive asbestos encapsulating underlay with acoustic properties

Bond new floor coverings onto Softlay 21 Plus over existing tiled asbestos floors without the need for expensive and time consuming removal

Softlay 21 Plus is a demountable system and will not damage the existing asbestos floor upon removal or installation

This version of Softlay has been specifically tested for compatibility with asbestos containing floor coverings


  • Over existing asbestos flooring*
  • For vinyl, PVC and textile flooring
  • In domestic and commercial locations


  • Suitable for heavy rolling and static loads
  • Exceptional lay flat properties straight from the roll
  • 2.1mm thickness
  • Will reduce sound from above and sound from within a room by a minimum 17dB and 21% respectively
  • Sounds and feels like a solid floor once installed

Please call the Softlay technical team on 01245 929122