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Where can Softlay be used?

There are six main applications that we have a suitable Softlay system for (Please see table below)


Softlay Type


Acoustic Underlay Softlay 21 or Softlay Fleece Impact sound from above will be reduced by a minimum 17dB and ambient sound from within a room by 21%
Moisture Mitigation and Contaminated floors Softlay Foil Loose lay system that can be used over sub-floors where the RH reading is up to 95% (relative) and over floors contaminated by oil or paint*
Raised Access Floors Softlay 21 Demountable system that is a genuine alternative to ply. Will protect the raised access panels where vinyl is the required floor finish and will not damage the panels upon removal*
Asbestos Tile Encapsulation Softlay 21 Plus Encapsulation system that will allow a new floor finish to be installed without the need to remove the existing asbestos tiles and which will not damage the tiles upon removal*
Existing Vinyl/LVT/PVC floors Softlay 21 or Softlay Fleece Demountable plasticiser barrier that will allow a new vinyl finish to be fitted over an existing vinyl floor without the fear of plasticiser migration
Overlay existing Ceramic Tiled, Painted Concrete and Laminate* floors Softlay 21 or Softlay Fleece Overlay system that will allow a new finish to be installed over an existing floor using Softlay as a separating layer