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Case Studies

We used Softlay 21 for a job at Fitness First where the customer wanted LVT over a raised access floor. Normal procedure would have meant boarding the floor with 6mm plywood before applying the finish, this is expensive and time consuming.

Softlay with its sticky back solved this issue straight away, we used the underlay in place of the boards, my fitters were impressed at how easy it was to lay and commented at how flat and even it went down despite coming straight off a roll, they were able to apply the adhesive to the top side as soon as they had finished installing it before bonding the LVT finish.

Using Softlay 21 saved us a lot of time and money, I will be using it from now on and would recommend other people do the same.

Colin Lord

Director of Premier Contract Flooring and Décor

We used Softlay 21 for the first time in a domestic installation we undertook in Camden where noise from the upstairs was an issue. We found Softlay to be really user friendly, it was very easy to cut and install, once laid it remained completely flat, there was no movement or expansion and most importantly once the floor was finished there was no more issue with noise from above. In short, Softlay 21 was perfect and I will happily use it again as and when the need arises.

Martin Corton

Director of Rainleaf, based in Colchester

Softlay 21 worked really well in a recent school job we were doing when we discovered asbestos within the old floor tiles. With a little bit of preparation (filling in tiles which were missing) we used Softlay as an overlay system before fitting vinyl sheet, this avoided the need to bring in professionals to remove the tiles giving the customer an obvious saving of time and money. Softlay was quick and easy to use and provided a really cost effective solution to an otherwise expensive problem, we ordered more Softlay to keep in stock before we had finished the job and will continue to use it for every application we can.

Mike and Paul Lawless

Directors of Lawless Flooring

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