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Softlay are the UK’s sole importers and distributors of a German designed and manufactured range of glass-fibre and polyurethane acoustic underlays.

What is Softlay?

Softlay is a range of patented glass-fibre and polyurethane underlays designed and manufactured in Germany.

These unique, high quality permanently elastic underlayment systems are made up of 90% naturally occurring sustainable raw materials.

How is Softlay made?

A load spreading glass fibre stabilising top layer is combined with a mineral filler core and heavy duty polyurethane binders.

Various types of backing are then bonded to give Softlay its different performance characteristics.

How does it perform?

This blend of materials and construction makes Softlay an incredibly stable and strong base offering exceptional performance and ease of installation.

Where can Softlay be used?

There are six main applications that we have a suitable Softlay system for.

Which is the best acoustic underlay?

Softlay 21 or Softlay fleece are the best choices as impact sound from above will be reduced by a minimum 17dB and ambient sound from within a room by 21%.

I need something for Moisture Mitigation and Contaminated floors - what's best?

Softlay Foil is recommended here  as it is a loose lay system that can be used over sub-floors where the RH reading is up to 95% (relative) and over floors contaminated by oil or paint.


I need Softlay for raised access floors.

Softlay 21 is a demountable system that is a genuine alternative to ply. Will protect the raised access panels where vinyl is the required floor finish and will not damage the panels upon removal.

Which Softlay product is best for Asbestos Tile Encapsulation?

We recommend Softlay 21 Plus, as it is an encapsulation system that will allow a new floor finish to be installed without the need to remove the existing asbestos tiles and which will not damage the tiles upon removal.

I have existing vinyl / LVT / PVC floors - what do you recommend?

Softlay 21 or Softlay Fleece would be recommended. These incorporate a demountable plasticiser barrier that will allow a new vinyl finish to be fitted over an existing vinyl floor without the fear of plasticiser migration.

I want to overlay existing Ceramic Tiled, Painted Concrete and Laminate floors.

Softlay 21 or Softlay Fleece is an overlay system that will allow a new finish to be installed over an existing floor, using Softlay as a separating layer.


Compatible with almost every type of sub-floor. Suitable under almost every type of floor finish. Suitable for domestic and commercial use. Suitable for project work, schools, hospitals, hotels etc.


Sounds and feels like a solid floor once installed.
Virtually no residual indentation.
Exceptional lay flat properties straight from the roll.
Excellent dimensional stability.


Will work in areas of high humidity (Softlay Foil).
Will act as a stress reliever.
Will save you time and/or money over traditional methods where applicable.


If you have any questions about the Softlay range or you would like an information pack or wish to place an order please call 01245 929122 or email info@softlay.co.uk

Facts and figures


Each version of Softlay comes in rolls of 7m x 1m.


A full pallet of Softlay is 40 rolls (280 m2).


You can buy Softlay by the roll or the pallet.


Softlay has a thickness of 2.1mm.



Each Softlay roll weighs 14kg (2kg per m2).


Softlay orders of two pallets or less are available for next day delivery.

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